Get your own solar plan with the Solar Club

>construction of a collector

The Austrian Opens external link in new windowAEE - Association of Renewable Energy - has already built more than 60,000 solar systems in supervised assemblies. The Solar Club Trier has taken the proven model and builds with its clients the solar panel K16. To the left you will find the necessary steps,  the necessary Opens internal link in current windowknow-how , possibilities of Opens internal link in current windowcontacting us and a Opens internal link in current windowdescription of the construction.

So far the information is limited to the heating of service water(bathing, showering, etc.) with the sun. The much more complex possibilities of solar space heating can currently be taught only in the planning workshop. The site is under construction.

With the promotion of Opens external link in new windowLZU - National Centre for Environmental Education of Rhineland-Palatinate,

Solarverein can perform within the country  on-site events met with certain conditions.

Interested parties please contact directly to the LZU. Those outside of Rhineland-Palatinate will have to come out to Trier for the assembly and to pick up the materials.